Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Saving The Underhands For Last

If looks could kill, that ability would be Princess Tiffany 's superpower.

As we entered the workout area, I asked Tiffany how she was doing. I don't feel like working out she said and the look on her face matched what she told me.

I speculated that once Tiffany was five minutes into the workout, she'd probably be okay and Marisa said that she had a client earlier who felt the same way then really got into the workout.

Whether Tiffany feels like working out or not, she usually makes it through all maneuvers like an ultra-exerciser...

We started off by killing the legs with squats (several varieties) and lunges. You know that you are in trouble when you feel a burn in your glutes 40 seconds into your workout.

After the legs, we worked on abs then we picked up our kettlebells.

40 two-hand swings
20 cleans (right, left)
20 squats (r, l)
20 tactical presses (r, l)
25 snatches (r, l -- modification of cleans and presses for me)
40 two-hand swings

We did more ab work including planks which I'm getting better at holding for a minute even though my whole body quivered.

After planks, we worked on pull-ups. I usually do pull-ups on the TRX and I did that for awhile then joined Princess Tiffany in working on assisted pull-ups. We tried overhand and underhand pull-ups and the Princess made me laugh when she said I like to save my underhands for last.

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