Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Climbing Mojo

Went climbing on Sunday and made it up this 5.9 and it was exhilarating. I've been conservative with climbing and totally igged someone who told me that I needed to challenge myself. I wanted to tell her -- You worry about your climbing and I'll worry about mine.

I've been doing my version of duathlons on a regular basis but since my pool has been closed, I've had more time for climbing.

It's not just spending more time in the climbing gym though. I've been present. My mind has been into it. I have dipped my hand into the chalk bag of tenaciousness. Okay, that was very corny but it's that kind of night... I felt it again. I think my climbing mojo has returned...


  1. 1. Your mojo is inspiring me too!

    2. I like the chalk bag metaphor.

    3. "igged" - never heard that word before.

    4. And double Yes to "you worry about your climbing..." What a patronizing thing to say.

  2. *I like it when mojo spreads... :)

    *Thank you...

    *I like the emphasis of "ig."

    *I try to avoid this climber but I'm not always successful...