Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tougher Than It Looks or Overheard in the Gym

  • It's tougher than it looks.*

  • A newbie climber while ascending a route...

  • You are amazing

  • A mother to her climbing daughter.

  • Feet, feet, feet

  • A father to his climbing daughter.

  • My butt was vibrating the whole time

  • Becky to me as she lowered Patti then checked her phone.

  • What do guys wear to yoga? 

  • Doug to Gloria

  • Don't forget. I can make your life miserable

  • Patti to David who is dating Patti's daughter.


  • I don't think that I know this route well enough.

  • Stuck climber

  • I think that's far enough.

  • A shortie halfway up a route...

  • Are you in the right mind to give me a soft catch

  • One lead climber to another.

  • Remind me never to get pregnant.

  • A male climber to his pregnant climbing partner who was trying to figure out how to put on a special harness.

    *The way I felt tonight...


    1. Love it. Especially, remind me not to get pregnant.

    2. MS. Bad MJ,


      It was pretty funny when he made that comment...

      I also find a pregnant climber inspiring.