Thursday, June 6, 2013

Not Kafkaesque

Kettlebell class was delayed by one hour which meant the swinging started at 7:15 p.m. I am an evening kind of person but I also know how easy it is to slump after work and I hoped that I would have the energy to make it through practice.

Had a smoothie for dinner...Got to Marisa's place to find out that she was en route. I surprised a few people by saying Why don't we start warming up? I figured that Marisa would walk in at any moment and why delay the inevitable?

Our workout was challenging but not Kafkaesque. I liked the first circuit that we did:

10, Two-Hand Swings
10, Two-Hand Swings
10, Two-Hand Swings
Burpees (or Inchworms) etc.

It was a series that made me feel the burn but it didn't make me feel discouraged. The combination that always gets me is the clean and squat which is simple but strenuous after just a few reps. The combo that I could do for an extended time is extension...Not sure what makes the latter more accessible than the clean and squat...

The smoothie was a good choice. I drank it around 5:30, felt full but not too full and felt energized during my workout. My lunges were on point and my figure eights were inspired. Definitely a workout that I felt good about...

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