Friday, June 14, 2013

In Charge of Relaxing...

Practiced yoga on Sunday and haven't been on my mat since then. Remind me not to do that anymore.

It's been a very violent couple of weeks in St. Louis and I could have used extra time on my mat... 

Watched Somewhere Between, a documentary about adoptees from China. One of the young ladies, Jenna, was an overachiever but went from being a coxswain to a yogi. 

About yoga, she said:
After the trip to Spain, I stopped crew first because it was just too much and I ended up switching to yoga which was polar opposite in some ways. Because crew I had to be on the ball all the time -- responsible for everything: taking initiative, being very verbal. In yoga, I was just in charge of myself, just in charge of relaxing so it was a really good change...
Of course, the mention of yoga is not the only reason that I really liked this documentary.

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