Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Six-Letter Word

Ninety five degrees today but 82 tomorrow. It was the perfect time to hit the pool but, no, I just had to go to kettlebell practice. When Chip said I hope this workout is not for us, I was sure that the list on the whiteboard was meant for Marisa's other clients but I was wrong. My first line of defense is usually denial in case you're wondering...

Modified Circuit:

10 Inchworms with Push-up (Instead of Burpees)
25 Two-Hand Swings
9 Inchworms..
30 Two-Hand Swings
8 Inchworms...
35 Two-Hand Swings
7 Inchworms...
40 Two-Hand Swings
6 Inchworms...
45 Two-Hand Swings
5 Inchworms...
50 Two-Hand Swings

I absolutely do not care how long it took me to finish but Marisa kept track. It took me 17 minutes to inch my way through that circuit. Erin and Princess Tiffany came late and still finished before me and they didn't modify which meant that they started out with 30 burpees. Julia did a semi-modified workout and had to leave early because she got nauseous.

I swung with a 12 kg kettlebell then switched back to a 10 kg when we did a minute of cleans and presses, snatches, etc.

As I looked at those burpees on the whiteboard, I thought about the pool and wondered about my decision-making skills.


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  2. What's up, I read your blog regularly too, you witty girl.

    "My first line of defense is denial," LOL!

  3. LOL. I'm going to keep the spam comment just so I can have proof that I've been called witty twice in one post. However, I'm pretty sure that the folks at Guinness still won't call. :)

  4. Fun! I'm so excited to head back to the US in summer and get to the pool! Your post reminded me.

  5. The weather should be right tomorrow. Can't wait to get in the pool then chillax poolside.

    Hope that you enjoy the pool as much as I plan to...