Saturday, June 8, 2013

Do You Really Like To Read?

Woke up and watched part of the French Open. Totally mesmerized by Serena Williams' body. She is thick and I relate.

Whenever I read one of those articles that try to quiet women's fears about bulking up, I chuckle. I won't pretend to be as in shape as Serena, but I'm a bulky exception...

Shook some of the cobwebs out, lifted my bike out of the basement, stopped by the mailbox and headed to the park to enjoy the perfect weather. Ran into friends of a friend and chatted with them for a while, came home, ate Chobani then walked to the library to return books that were no longer renewable.


Road to the Library Paved with Wildflowers
I recently read A. M. Homes' May We Be Forgiven. It's been described as a dark comedy and it is. After reading those 480 pages, I read Homes' memoir, The Mistress's Daughter. Just found out that the author has won an award.

Went to Cindy's birthday bash. Don't know what the ratio of yogis to non-yogis was but I'm pretty sure there were more yogis. I chatted with Lisa, newest yoga teacher that I know, and we talked about hoarding and food waste for a while. Lisa asked me if I loved to read then recommended that I try Farm City. I didn't even check to see what my number was in the library queue.

Happy Birthday To Ya...


  1. I've always thought Serena Williams has one of the most lovely, graceful, strong bodies I've ever seen. I would kill to look like her. If that's "bulky," count me in!

  2. GZ beat me to it. I think Serena Williams has the best body in women's tennis, and the outfit she was wearing today was beautiful. (And it is extremely rare that I comment on athletes' looks.)

  3. Also, are those YOUR Colt 45s?

  4. Gingerzingi & Mich,

    Sweet, we're all in!...

    Mich -- I really like the outfit too.

    Gingerzingi -- Ha-ha, someone else drained those cans.