Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Other Foot

Marisa's kettlebell classes are getting more and more CrossFit-ty and, before that, they morphed into something more scientific-y.

This approach actually worked in my favor for once because my shoulder and pectoral areas are tender. I did backstroke movements and did a push-up before deciding to go to class and those felt okay but if I move my arm to an upright position, I get yucky feedback. I knew that the cleans and one-hand swings might be interesting but we actually did very little swinging tonight. We did stations for 40 seconds and paused for 20.

Stations included but not limited to:

Slam Ball
Triceps Curls on the TRX
Triceps Dips
Butt Kickers
Kettlebell Row
Agility Ladder
Double Kb Clean
Double Kb Squat
Russian Twist
Kicks, Boxing Bag
Jumping Jacks
Around the Body with a Lunge
Halo with Squat, Curl, Triceps Extension
Tactical Lunge
Speed Skater

I was able to do most stations but I definitely had to modify on the double cleans because I couldn't handle the load with one side of my upper body tweaked.
When I got to the agility ladder, I was fine hopping on my grounded right foot but, on the return trip, I couldn't move for what seemed like a very long time. My brain was not getting the message to hop on the other foot.


  1. Sometimes my brain will NOT change sides, it's like a short-circuit.

    I'm going to copy down this workout. I don't have all that equipment, but what I do have is enough to be very horrible.

  2. Odd, isn't it? I literally felt rooted to the ground...

    Good luck with the horribleness of it all. ;)