Friday, June 28, 2013

Setting One's Self Up

Whatever it is that you're doing...Sometimes the body just needs rest. That was Jen to me after she asked about my shoulder.

It's, obviously, true but hard for me to "sit on the bench."

I also listened in as Jen asked Gayle about her knee because the areas surrounding my knee could use attention as well as I wait for the tightness around it to release.

I wasn't even sure whether I wanted to practice yoga or not. I was in a decent enough mood but I quickly scratched that train of thought.

After the M*A*S*H report, we headed into meditation. I recommend propping, Jen said. If you're supported and comfortable, the body is not distracted during meditation.

I promptly propped myself against the wall and thought about the benefits of practicing with the same teacher and the benefit of setting one's self up for comfort. During savasana, I put a bolster under my knees and placed a bag over my eyes. At Jen's suggestion, moved my arms out so that they were not so close to the axilla and so that I could experience more openness plus put my palms up to receive any flashes of intuition...

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