Sunday, June 23, 2013

The One With The Red Shirt

Went to Zumba yesterday after not having gone for over a month. Figured it was not smart to swim again with the shoulder tweak and, even though my knee is slightly tweaked, I figured that I could still work around it in Zumba.

I'm still out of my discomfort zone with the "exercise in disguise" but the teacher is funny and I love music. Also loved the woman with the red shirt on it that said love. If you look up stepping up to the plate in a dictionary, her picture is sure to be there. She was totally present for her workout. I enjoyed how she enjoyed Zumba...

Went to yoga at nine because I wanted to get the most out of my day. Practicing with a tight right knee and tender left shoulder made for an interesting time on my mat.

After class, ended up talking with Gloria for 20 minutes about athletes, books and food then talked with Alison and Sherry about yoga clothes and sleep walkers. As we left, this yogi wanted to know if class had been canceled. We calmed her down and told her that we had been chitchatting since the first class and that the 11 o'clock class was still on.

Even though I had to adjust my plans and didn't supersize my day as I had planned, I maximally enjoyed the interactions that I had with Alison, Gloria and Sherry because it's nice to actually look into people's eyes, peer into a warm face or, for real, hear them laugh out loud.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your friends' faces :-)

  2. They were much better than avatars. ;)