Monday, May 26, 2014

As I Walked

Thought about bicycling but didn't feel like I had the stamina for that mode of exercise so I decided to walk which was a good choice for my quasi-pensive mood. During my first walking stint, I logged 98 minutes then I went back for more and walked a total of 123 minutes.

I listened to episodes of Death, Sex & Money, RN Ted Radio Hour and NPR's Ted Radio Hour and Fresh Air while walking.

Saw a bird that I'd never seen before. Believe it was a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. So beautiful...

Thumbs up to This Senator Saved My Love Life on Death, Sex and Money.

As I listened to Rita Pierson, I planned to send the link to my cousin Chiquita.
Every child needs a champion who will not give up on them.
Chiquita had the chance to hear Pierson speak several times and told me that, unfortunately, the educator died last year.

I wish the TED talk had mentioned Pierson's death the way The Moth mentioned that Katherine Russell Rich, author of Dreaming in Hindi, had succumbed to cancer.

Shane Koyczan had my full attention during his TED Talk about Overcoming:
We are meant to endure difficulty if for nothing else than to give us a reference point to navigate us toward something better.
I thoroughly enjoyed Unstoppable Learning, Sugata Mitra's account of installing roadside computer stations in impoverished neighborhoods in India.

Didn't start my car once. Washed clothes, cooked (veggie casserole, baked chicken) and read.

During Survivor's Live Reunion Show, Jeff Probst talks to a soldier who'd been in Afghanistan. Can't remember how he was injured but the soldier endured 120 surgeries. How does a body get through that many surgeries?

During my second outing, kept my eyes open for the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. Didn't see the bird but saw plenty of things that captured my attention.


  1. I always enjoy seeing your photos. Who/what was having a 50th birthday?

    And I will look for Death, Sex & Money. We seem to have the same taste in podcasts. Have you listened to You Are Not So Smart? I like those and also the truly bizarre song at the beginning.

  2. Thanks...It's St. Louis' 250th birthday and there are 200 plus of those cakes installed around the city. I've seen several (big camera) photographers on the riverfront.

    I haven't listened to You Are Not So Smart but I downloaded episodes today. Thanks for the rec.