Friday, May 16, 2014

Just Let Go

Finished My Cat from Hell. I've never had a cat but really enjoyed the series. Jackson Galaxy talked a lot about energy. In fact, my favorite episode is Big Boi Ruins Our Social Life. The second half of Big Boi... features the 23-year-old cat Pump and a healer who works with tuning forks. It's pretty funny when Pump drives the healer over the edge.

Also finished Breaking Bad. Gingerzingi, you are not the last person to watch the finale. Breaking Bad always had me on the edge of my seat and the final episodes racked my nerves even more. The ending made me think of so many cliches: Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Live by the sword, die by sword. It also made me think of a professor who liked to say that fiction lies in order to reveal truth. Had really weird feelings after the finale. Felt like I had been dropped into a chasm or something.

Another item that I finished was A Tale of Two Lives: The Susan LeFevre Fugitive Story. I heard Marie Walsh a.k.a. Susan LeFevre on The Moth and immediately wanted to know how she negotiated life as a wanted woman.

When Walsh/LeFevre gets caught, it's hard for her (and me) to understand why the guards want to destroy her. They were not the same guards who were employed prior to her escape but they have taken her escape personally and tell her that she will never see her house and Lexus again.
Instead of a beating from the triumvirate, I get a new cellmate. Amanda, who is 22, white, and about twice my size, has just been released from segregation. She was put in seg for throwing a chair at someone in the anger management class she was kicked out of... (346)
Several articles caught my attention in the March 2014 Prevention including Your Body On Sugar.
Sure, sugar looks innocent, but it's an inflammation bomb.  (32)
I also liked Mark Bittman's article Rule No.1: Cook Real Food.

It was good to be reminded of number one in this article:
1). Cooking is healthier than not cooking
Studies show that home-cooked meals contain fewer calories than those eaten out. Sure, there are exceptions...but nearly everything you cook is superior in quality and nutrition. (82)
I've made adjustments to my diet plus prolonged exercise sessions which has resulted in a seven pound weight loss. It's kind of silly but I feel as if I've won the lottery...

Went climbing and felt the difference. I've been avoiding more difficult routes but I took them on this time. Plus, I felt like I had much more energy.

As either Patti or I got ready to climb, this newbie asked his belayer what he was supposed to do after he had reached the top of the route. Just let go, she said. Good advice for many circumstances.

Mike shared this video with the climbing posse. I could watch it over and over -- minus the commentary.

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