Sunday, May 18, 2014

Free Walking

Got ready for yoga and bicycling in an impressive 30 minutes. All was well until the Squeezer -- the woman who likes to squeeze in between mats and the Perfumey One started working my nerves. I had a discussion with myself about not slipping into a mood so easily -- especially when I'm sitting on my yoga mat.

Post-Namaste, Alison and I headed to Forest Park for a spin. Forest Park is gorgeous. There's a gravel lane for walkers and a paved one for cyclists but, somehow, the bicycling real estate seems slim.

MO History Museum, Forest Park 

Giraffe in Animal Always Sculpture (Albert Paley)
Alison asked me about the whereabouts of my new trainers. I told her that I didn't buy the orange shoes. I had tried them on. Kind of like them; they feel superb but, yeah, they are kind of loud even though the 'Fugee thinks that I can get away with them since I wear a lot of dark clothing.

Also went for a walk and listened to The Moth's Live in Boston show. The theme? High Anxiety. Steve Burns served as MC and asked each of the storytellers What is your happy place? What calms you down? For Nina Mitchell, taking walks in Boston Common calms her down. About her physical therapy, Mitchell says I was the first to graduate to a wheelchair then a cane then to free walking... I let the idea of free walking roll around in my mind.

Stuff that calms me down in no particular order: walking, yoga, massage, acupuncture, energy work, reading, bubble baths...

Thought about the 'Fugee yesterday when I burned myself in three places. For first degrees burns, they sure did smart. I told the 'Fugee how my brother described physical therapy as torture and she relates. The 'Fugee is looking forward to free walking again.


  1. Holy cow, how did you burn yourself? That looks super painful! Nothing hurts as much as a burn. I learned a quick treatment on the People's Pharmacy - slap some yellow mustard on it. I burned my hand several weeks ago and it did help I think.

  2. Cooking. Guess I pulled the tray out too fast and before I knew it...

    Thanks for the mustard tip. I ended up breaking a piece of an aloe vera plant off and applied the gel to the burned area.

    My little first degree burn definitely made me think about people who suffer more serious burns...