Wednesday, May 7, 2014


This morning I was reminded of when my cousin Chiquita asked You know how some people are just off-brand?

Someone doing an internship at my j-o-b amuses me greatly. She is off-brand -- practically her own little earthquake since she has so much energy and shakes as she walks.

The off-brand one: How are you?
Me: Good.
Off-brand One: WellI guess I'm good too.
The way she delivered her response made me smile and laugh. Plus, she hit on a truth -- goodness can be infectious...

Went swimming last night and the "pool" negotiations were amusing.

This guy and I arrived at the check-in desk at the same time and we waited while the staff dismantled extra lanes that had been put in place for a team's practice. As we both headed toward the lap lanes, he asked me which one I wanted although he clearly had arrived first and was in front of me. Hope that I didn't throw him a look...

As I was about to complete lap 14, noticed a pair of legs in the lane. It was one of the lifeguards. You want to just swim on the left side and I'll stay on this side. That was more like a one-sided decision but these things have to be settled swiftly. Plus, you never want to tick off a lifeguard. You never know...

In order to keep swimming, I need a new suit. I could also use a gym bag and shoes but can't find what I want. It's funny when you're ready to shop but can't find what you want.

Something's going to fall out sooner or later.

These shoes have seen better days.

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