Thursday, May 22, 2014

Inspiration Comes In Different Packages

Got asked the dreaded question -- Do you want to go out to lunch with us? A former coworker is in town and wanted to meet up. Plus, it was another coworker's last day.

I studied the Lebanese restaurant's menu and decided that I would get tabouli or the hummus deluxe appetizer -- which comes with a small plate of hummus with either beef or chicken shawarma on top. Also thought about getting a smoothie with banana, dates, walnut and honey if the appetizer had been small.

The bread basket was put right next to me and I couldn't resist those golden orbs. The bread was amazing. Bonus points for me for not eating the entire basket.

We season everything with love says one of the posts on the restaurant's Facebook page. Love is a little salty when you get the chicken shawarma but, otherwise, I don't think that I did too much damage.

Oh yeah, I also tried a bite of a stuffed grape leaf but didn't really care for it.

So Delicious

You'll need the comfy window seating after all of the hummus.

Went to Zumba to try to dance off a few calories. Shawny asked the usual instructor questions: Is there anyone new to Zumba? Anyone new to my class?

Yes, I am a Zumba instructor she said. I try to stay chubby to inspire you all...

After the first beats of song one, there is no doubt that Shawny is a Zumba instructor.

Around song five, Alison said I can feel the pulse in my forehead.


  1. "Love is a little salty when you get the chicken shawarma" needs to be the title of a book or movie.

  2. Now that you mention it...