Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"The Struggle Continues, Victory Is..."

Headed to Recycle Bin
Trying to unclutter again. A lot of old papers that I tucked away were about diet and exercise (pool to bust a to drink more water, white bean burger recipe) -- surprise. Bob Greene had a spot in the 2007 article 21 Things You Can Stop Worrying About Right Now!:
You can't put all your emotional eggs in the weight loss basket. People say, "I'll be happy when I reach this size..." but that's a problem, because either you don't reach the goal, or you do -- and you're no happier than you were 40 pounds ago...
I had also clipped an article from the March 2010 Shape, a success story follow-up with Jenna Autuori who'd lost 160 pounds and kept off all but seven of those pounds. "I never again wanted to go through the struggle of slimming down."

I had the same sentiment back in the day but what to say? The struggle continues...

Signed up for a Springpad account so that I can spring recipes and articles instead of making hard copies.

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