Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lovely Day

Rolled out of bed, gathered fruit, made a smoothie, attached bike rack to car, applied sun screen, maneuvered through all manner of downtown detours and placed my mat under the Arch at 9:05.

The teacher, Holly, was into a lot of things including Qigong and I really liked this movement where you kind of let your hands hang while you lift your arms then you separate your arms, bring them back together etc.

At the end of yoga practice, we made a huge circle and did om after om after om. My attention span is at about a one om count.

Chitchatted with Alison, April and Rosie then Alison and I made a quick right turn then left and hit the Riverfront Trail. Well, not before this guy in a yellow jersey noticed that Alison's rear tire was under inflated. He pulled his floor pump out of the car and put air in Alison's tire. Yeah, I'm not that hardcore. My floor pump is in the basement and I have no idea where the compact pump is at.

Yeah, that would be my finger.

Really like this picture of Rosie -- for some reason.

Oh yeah, the 'Fugee has finally gotten into yoga.

The 'Fugee did her exercises while we watched Modern Family last night and, for some reason, this particular exercise made me laugh over and over. I'm going to blame it on a very challenging day at work. 

*P.S. 'Fugee, Rosie says that she misses you...

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