Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Next To The Seals

Got to the pool about five minutes before open swim time and "blue short" man was positioned near lane one and the "Navy Seals" were by lane two. Everyone eagerly waited for the lifeguards to dismantle four lanes that had been put up for the youth swim team.

Chatty Kathleen, who hasn't been to p.m. swim in ages, dragged her roller luggage and headed to lane two. By the time she was finished, the "Navy Seals" were on the outside of the lap swimming lanes and one of them said I don't know why they don't put up another lane. I agree. Three lap lanes would still leave enough room for the recreational swimmers.

I got pummeled by water just about all night. The "...Seals" often made it rain on my head and when "blue short" man left, the "...Seals" got in his lane, the lifeguard got next to me and she made it rain on my head too. As Kathleen left, she said They (a.k.a. "The Seals) almost drowned me and that is definitely the price you pay for swimming in the proximity of the "Seals."

As I headed toward the locker room, the lifeguard was tickled pink. She thought that the "...Seals" really did need a lane since they are so fast and whatnot and she told someone that I was really going to get a good workout since I had to swim next to them. And it really is like swimming in a current when you're next to the "...Seals..."

The last time that I bicycled with Alison on the riverfront, I mentioned the sorry state of my fitness paraphernalia. She asked me if I wanted her to make me a bag. I had totally forgotten how artful Alison is. She put the bag together in two days.

Check out my faux fur swim bag. Kind of like how thick my arms looks in the one picture -- cuz strong muscle resides in there.

Inside of Bag


  1. I don't understand the "....Seals..." reference, but I love your fur swim bag.

  2. I'm going to blame my incoherence on the first phase of a chlorine hangover...

    The Seals a.k.a. the "Navy Seals" are three guys who swim/practice in the same lane. They are fast, efficient and look like human torpedoes.

    When they take off down the lane, perfectly streamlined, I feel as if they are embarking on a covert mission (minus the signature black wetsuits).

  3. Actually, I didn't understand the ellipsis: "...Seals." Why dot-dot-dot Seals? But just now it occurred to me that you were substituting a non-complimentary word for "Navy," and didn't care to spell it out!

  4. I love the ellipsis -- maybe too much... (ha ha)