Thursday, March 26, 2009

Biggest Loser, Week 12 Rundown

The teams have been disbanded and it’s every man and woman for themselves.

There was a two part challenge this week and, during the first part, participants received blocks that totaled the amount of weight they’ve lost since being on The Biggest Loser ranch.

Each contestant was allowed to put weight on any player’s scale and several players had quite a good time placing their blocks almost exclusively on Tara’s. The weight was distributed accordingly:

Tara, 257
Helen, 215
Sione, 92
Aubrey, 72
Filipe, 67
Mike, 63
Ron, 37

Tara got really upset and thought about throwing the next weigh-in so that she could go home but Aubrey told her that she should take it as a compliment to which Tara responded you get ganged up on every single day and see if it’s funny. Laura, Tara’s teammate, talked her out of leaving and post-tête–à–tête, Tara seemed reinvigorated.

The second part of the challenge took place on a race track. The stakes? Immunity at the next weigh-in. The contestants had to pull a two ton car for half a mile and, in addition to the regular weight of the car, it also contained the extra weight from the first part of the challenge.

Sione took off jogging. Mike quickly followed. Tara, being burdened by the extra weight, struggled but maintained a steady pace.

I took everything that I was feeling from being so defeated to being so ganged up on and it made me push harder.

I’ll be doggoned if Tara didn’t dig down and turn it on. She caught up and passed Mike and Sione to win. It was such a great comeback moment.

Kristen, who is prone to preachifying, became the first woman in Biggest Loser history to lose 100 pounds while on the ranch because Laura missed the mark by one pound. Kristen referred to what had been a prison of a body for her; she wants to be an inspiration for all who want and need to lose weight.

Filipe waxed poetic and said that by losing weight every week, he experienced a milestone. He also said that he hoped to be an example for his fellow Tongans.

Here's Tara putting her car into overdrive.

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