Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Elliptical Trainer, 1............... 'Drea, O

I have not been on the Elliptical Trainer in awhile and I don't remember being worked over like that by the ET before. Sweat was rolling off my face big time. In retrospect, my heart rate was probably elevated from my StairMaster stint. Although fatigued, I gutted it out. My inspiration was heightened when I saw the pregnant woman on the Arc Trainer, her usual machine of choice.

Sarah Reinertsen, the first female above-knee amputee to become an ironman,
occasionally pops into my head. Someone interviewed her a few years ago and she said sometimes I do look at people and think what a waste of two legs...

I went shopping at Trader Joe's a few days ago and picked up this box

of crackers which was such an impulsive purchase since I already have all of these crackers at home.

The Multigrain Savory Thins actually expired in July of 2008. Sigh.

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