Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Fastest Hour

You can never completely erase pool evidence. Usually, droplets of water remain on my face after I have changed out of my swimwear which reminds me of the advertisement for the St. Louis Blues -- Do you bleed blue?
I had been looking forward to going to the pool all day. I was not disappointed when I got in the water and I even managed to work out a kink in my right thigh from my stint on the Adaptive Motion Trainer yesterday.

The hour went by so fast though. I swam 20 laps while resisting the urge to sing Etta James' At Last because it's hard to swim and sing at the same time.

Three kids were practicing their diving skills by tossing soda bottles filled with water into the deep end and retrieving them. I need to get in on that practicing one day so that I can feel more comfortable.

I learned something new too. I should be washing off my goggles with cold water since the chlorine can destroy the anti-fog coating on the lenses. Who knew?

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