Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Water slammed against my left ear, went into my nose and, of course, my mouth as I was doing the back crawl because thirteen kicking kids and five adults make for some very wavy water.

While I was at the edge of the pool, Markia got out of the kicking line-up to tell me that the black line was just for us. She wanted me to know that I could go beyond the black line. Since I haven't mastered the front crawl breathing yet, I usually pause at some point and I guess that Markia was watching me and also wishing that she could venture into deep end territory.

Since Markia is one of the more advanced of the younger swimmers, she and a few others were eventually allowed into the deep end. They had so much fun doing cannon balls.

My birthday is next week, Markia said as she climbed the ladder on her way to cannon ball glory. You know what I'm getting? Goggles.

Markia asked if she could borrow my goggles and I obliged. I did a few more laps and headed to the locker room to get dressed. When I returned to the pool area, I took my duffel bag and sat on a bench. When Markia noticed me, she came over by the gate. I broke your goggles. I'm so sorry. I'll buy you some more. Markia did what many adults find hard to do. She copped to what she had done, apologized and offered to replace the thing that she had broken. I assured her that she did not have to replace the goggles. In fact, I'll give her my spare goggles at the next open swim.

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