Monday, March 9, 2009

Encounters of the Dinner Kind

Baked fish and vegetables were on the menu at my grandmother's house yesterday. I was excited since I miss the ritual of Sunday dinner with g'ma and company. In fact, it's hard to turn down my aunt's food even when it's fried fish, french fries and hushpuppies.

I quickly realized that the extra fine green beans and mushrooms were slick with oil.

The tilapia was extremely tasty and I inquired about the flavors. My aunt had used Old Bay Seasoning and told me that the recipe was in the paper on the table.

No wonder the tilapia was tasty; it had butter and mayonnaise on its flesh.

There's a chance that I could be under eating in proportion to the amount of exercise that I've been doing and I was hoping that the butter and mayo would do no harm.

I actually managed to move the scale, an anticlimactic event after all of the anticipation. I'm a pound lighter. Usually, I drop weight in two pound increments. So, the scale should move again soon.

I went swimming today which is such a reward after the j-o-b on Monday. I swam 20 laps in about sixty minutes. The kids from the MO School from the Blind were there and two swimmers collided again.

One of the teachers is taking a boot camp mentality to the max. I felt sorry for Mikey because the teacher was all over his case. Mikey did I tell you to stop? Mikey go back. Mikey do this. Mikey do that. Neither Mikey nor the teacher looked like they were enjoying themselves and as Shannon, one of my former swim teachers said, swimming should not be stressful.

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