Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exploding Was Kind Of Cool

Kate promised us that it would be a whole new class each time we meet. So far, so good -- not that I need new all the time.

Kate also told us that if we held our abs in for the entire hour, well, that's like a bonus hour-long ab workout.

I hold my abs in for, like, two minutes before I get all preoccupied with the tasks at hand.

It's warm up time, and I can dig the marching. Ditto for the knee lifts, hamstring curls and grapevine but...

I hate ab work (10 minute special for today's session).

I hate high knees.

I hate lunges.

I hate lunges with weights even more.

I hate planks.

I hate being in a holding pattern on a squat. I hate pulsing on a squat.

I hate squatting, hitting the floor then going around the world with it.

What am I -- a frog?

We did fast feet around the room. We did fast feet then touched the floor on the six count.

Kate instructed us to do fast feet then explode (by jumping in the air).

Fast Feet
Kate: explode!
Fast Feet

Kate: explode!


Kate: explode!


Kate: explode!
I hate exploding.

Okay, exploding was kind of cool. And, for some reason, I also dig jumping jacks and the shuffle situation.


  1. I am tired just reading your workout! lol :) Good job!

  2. TJ,

    Thanks. About 20 minutes into any class, I start to look at the clock. Luckily, I find my groove again and I'm usually able to gut it out. ;)

  3. Sound, frankly, like torture!

    (And I love that Gap Band song; have it on an old playlist--always gets me going).

  4. That was an amazing workout! Wow - you are exploding!

  5. @Crabby McSlacker,

    As soon as explode popped into my head, the Gap Band song joined the party. I love the song too and the video really amuses me.


    The workout was hard but when Kate started firing off the explode command, it was still hard but it got amusing as well.