Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Forgotten Joy of Props

I had a notion to go to the gym but it's so cold that the thought of bundling up and exposing myself to single digit temperatures was just so unappealing. Today is rock climbing day and I usually pair rock climbing with a stint on the treadmill. Since rock climbing was slated for 4:30 p.m., I decided to do some 10 Minute Solution stuff in the morning.

I chose to do three 10 Minute Solution segments, including the Ultra Stretch on the fitness ball. I had forgotten how good props feel. I love doing cardio with a fitness ball and stretching? Oh my. I love when you're practically doing a backhand stand with your back curved around the ball. Nirvana, I tell you.

Check out what I mean by nirvana at 0:36:

Although I had pre-rocking climbing jitters, I had a good outing. I don't know why I still get jitters seeing that I've been many times now; plus, I enjoy it.

It's so frigid in The Lou that the water in the fountain at Upper Limits
was frozen. It was almost unbearable climbing without the good stuff. I had water in my car but I didn't feel like getting dressed again and exchanging one pair of shoes for another so I just sucked it up and climbed while parched.

I tried a new 5.8 red route today with not much success. I wanted to see if I could make it over the arête, at least. I tried about four times. Patti was giving me tips: hip into the wall, reach with the left hand, foot over here which made me flash back to swimming: blow out all of your air, chest down, oxygen deficit, one goggle out of the water...Ironically, Saturday used to be swimming day.

I asked Patti what was the most routes she had done in one day. She didn't give me a number but did say that one time they had spent four hours at the gym and that you do get your second wind which reminded me of Run Fatboy Run where Dennis hits the wall but breaks through it.


  1. Oh, I love my swiss ball. I use it for ab work and using my free weights to do my arms and chest. I like that ab stretch! It feels so good!!

  2. purple_moonflower123,

    I've been neglecting my poor ball. I used to sit on it while working on my computer etc. but I'm definitely going to take it out more. I've been missing out on too much fun. ;)

  3. This has motivated me to use my ball more.

  4. I haven't done ball exercises in so long. I loved them though. I bow to your superior workout knowledge. Perhaps I will dry to drag it out of storage.

  5. @Tricia and @Sara,

    I promise that you'll have so much fun when you get those fitness balls out again. ;)

    It's such a bonus for me when I can enjoy myself while working out...