Monday, January 11, 2010

Dust Yourself Off And Try Again

I went out of my way to go to a bigger branch of my fitness club, negotiated my way through the locker room maze, searched locker after locker until I found an empty one, changed clothes and went into the main room and not a single machine was available. Not one AMT, EFX, ARC Trainer, Treadmill, StairMaster, elliptical trainer, stationary bike etc. Sigh.

I headed back into the locker room and decided on a new plan. If I get off at 5, don't even bother going directly to the gym. Go home or go do something else but go to the gym later. Only, I didn't feel like trekking to the gym again. Not this day.

As I pulled out my DVDs, Aaliyah popped into my mind.

And if at first you don’t succeed
Then dust yourself off and try again
You can dust it off and try again, try again
Cause if at first you don’t succeed
You can dust it off and try again
Dust yourself off and try again, try again (and again)
I selected four 10 Minute Solution segments. If I had been in the gym, I would have exercised longer but, you know, vive la différence and dust yourself off.


  1. How frustrating that there were NO machines available! That gym really should either sell fewer memberships or get more equipment.

    But maybe once the january resolution people burn out things will be less insane. Good for you for working out anyway!

  2. Crabby McSlacker,

    My gym does have a habit of overcrowding the joint and January has made it extra special.

    I'm glad that I went ahead and persevered since I felt much better afterwards.

  3. I love that song. RIP Aaliyah. The gym is so crowded after the new year, but attendance will die down soon.

  4. purple_moonflower123,

    Yeah, I hadn't listened to Aaliyah in awhile and I thought about how she left *here* way too soon.

    I do wonder how long the New Year crowd will last. Most people think until February. It'll be interesting to see...