Monday, January 18, 2010

Up And Ovah

The thought of getting on a machine today was pretty unappealing. I guess that I'm getting a little tired of the machines.

I'm also inspired by an older woman that I met. She exclusively takes classes -- doesn't like to wait for the machines, she says. The class-taker looks good, I know that much.

I pulled out the schedules that I have for three branches of my fitness club and decided to go to the one that's actually the closest to me -- something that I wouldn't dream of on a regular day. It's the closest and it's the smallest and the machines and classes fill up fast.

There were only 10 people in Step. Unlike the other step classes, Stacey relied almost exclusively on a step routine. We did use light weights and did some crunches in the end but those exercises only comprised about 10% of the class.

Stacey kept it simple and, because of that, I had very little trouble with the choreography.

I also liked the terminology that she used. When she said Rockette, I anticipated what we would be doing. We also shot the hoop at one point, did the mambo, rocking horse and V-step. And, for some reason, I love hopping up, doing a jumping jack on the step then jumping down on the floor and doing a jumping jack.

I completely enjoyed the up and over move when you go up and do what another step instructor calls a sunburst then come back down on the other side of the step. Up and over… And I loved the way that Stacey said over. Ovah. Up and Ovah. Ovah.

I would be so lost on this knee around the world move (3:07).

I was so hyper after class that I got on the treadmill to do a bit of jogging. It's something about step class that gets the endorphins all revved up.


  1. Hi there! Just joined, great blog btw :) I am always trying new workouts, gotta keep it exciting right!?! Have you ever incorporated jump rope imbetween the treadmill or elipt!? That will kich your arss! lol I just started blogging about eating raw foods, so much fun

  2. haha, I love Cath. She makes me sweat every time i do her routines on FitTV.

  3. @Lisa,

    Hi and thanks. Haven't used my jump rope in awhile. I should definitely get it out of the workout arsenal bin.


    One of these days, I'm going to tune in to FitTv which sounds like fun in the Friedrich/Michaels fun kind of way.