Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feeling Like Jimmy Swaggart

I was feeling Jimmy Swaggart-ish yesterday in a I have sinned... way.

One of my good friends is Bosnian and if you're Bosnian and it's your birthday, you pay for family and friends at the birthday dinner, a tradition that I should be able to go along with. Only, I have come to dread dining out and I hardly ever do it anymore but there are just certain occasions that one needs to show up for.

I knew that we were going to Laganini's -- a brave new restaurant that just opened up next to another Bosnian restaurant, Bosna Gold.

My friend told me ahead of time where we would be dining because she knew that I would want to do reconnaissance. I thought about getting fish or a salad with grilled chicken.

Tilapia... in pepper lemon sauce served with German potato salad
Chicken Salad... grilled or breaded
I even checked out the dressings.
Dressings...your choice - ranch, italian, french, thousand islands

Menu in hand, I saw that they didn't have the salad with grilled chicken available and I wasn't really feeling the fish. So, I ended up getting a gourmet pizza.

Margherita... fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato & basil
I also considered the Laganini Mediterranean Pizza with caramelized onion, crushed garlic, goat cheese, roasted red peppers, calamata olives and oregano.

Internally, I was freaking out as I was estimating how much four slices were going to set me back. Twelve hundred calories? The whole time I'm thinking: I can work this off; plus, the scale is not moving anyway; c'est la vie.

I need to learn how to eat out because, eventually, I'll be away from home for an extended period of time and may or may not have access to a kitchen.

I have nothing against pizza but, of course, I like to make it myself. The cheese seemed so thick and abundant on Laganini's margherita and my imagination continued to run amuck. At least I had a salad beforehand. Right?


  1. One of the biggest things to remember is:

    The reason we're doing all this healthy stuff is to live longer, healthier lives and part of that is actually LIVING our lives. So you had pizza - did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy the company, the night out, the celebration? Then it was a good night. :)

  2. I think that pizza looks amazing! It is so important to learn to eat out because like you said, it's part of real life.

    It sounds like you had fun and that's the most important thing!

  3. @Gemfit and @Diane,

    I did enjoy myself and I laughed a lot.

    Thanks for the reminders...