Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And You're Ready Now?

It's amazing what a crowded Upper Limits will force me to do. I had already climbed Truxton or Bust (5.6), A Bright Idea (5.8), An Early Winter's Frost (5.7), Face Plant (5.8), Sol (5.7) and a 5.8 with simply JW on it.

Patti: Where to?

Me: I can't believe that I'm saying this but the red route i.e. the And You're Ready Now?, a 5.8b route
I knew that I was facing an uphill battle but there was, literally, nowhere else to go.

I made one attempt. Went back down to get some tips from Patti who suggested that I do a drop knee, a concept that I don't quite get yet. Patti asked Jamie, an Upper Limits staff member, if he would explain the concept. Jamie was demure -- said that he wasn't a good explainer but he did give me some good tips. He said that he tells people to turn their hip. He also told me that I needed to get my hip into the wall. Yeah, I have a problem with my butt being pushed out when I do planks too.

Furthermore, Jamie advised me to kind of squat with my legs and have straight arms when I was, well, not climbing or at a pausing point. And I'm thinking I can squat; I've been doing that a lot in Cardio and Muscle class.

Jamie also said that it's counterintuitive but you should not be climbing energetically. And that's me -- in a nutshell. I tend to attack things when I take on something (like an elephant in a china shop).

I attempted And You're Ready Now? about five times but, apparently, I wasn't ready. LOL.

I was thinking about buying a chalk bag on Etsy but I was worried about the size. Earlier, I asked Patti if she remembered how tall her bag was and she said that I could check it out when we went climbing today. Surprise, surprise. Patti handed me a chalk bag and chalk ball from Jessica -- what a nice surprise.

Now, I just need to get a harness and I'll be an official rock climber.

In addition to calluses, I got another rock climbing memento from a drop knee of a different sort. I do need to be a little less energetic...

Check out this chica dropping knees all over the place.


  1. Be careful! That cut looks painful. I have never climbed so had to look twice at that chalk ball! My little boys would think that was the most fabulous toy ever!

  2. Diane,

    The chalk gets all over the place so I'm sure your boys would like it. ;) I've amassed quite the collection of workout toys. Who would have thunk it?