Saturday, January 23, 2010

To Kill A Two-Headed Muscle

Patti and I decided to go rock climbing at 1 today since last Saturday it was crowded in the a.m. then thinned out around lunch time. It was still super crowded. Plus, there were some classes going on and, once again, my comfort routes were roped off or otherwise occupied.

I climbed the following routes:

5.6, Truxton or Bust
5.6, 5x
5.7, Sol (twice)
5.8, Bright Idea
5.8, JW
5.8, Face Plant
5.8b, And You're Ready Now? (About five attempts but no cigar)

I should rename And You're Ready Now? the biceps killer because it had the biceps in my right arm smarting for three days and there's new throbbing going on now. As I approached the route, I had butterflies similar to the ones that appeared when I was taking swimming lessons and my teacher wanted me to swim the length of the pool doing the front crawl. It's so frustrating because I know I have plenty of power in my legs but I just couldn't get my feet on these two holds that I needed to get over the arête.

When I approached my longtime nemesis Face Plant, Patti told me to just keep climbing, to not slow down and to have fun. I surprised myself by marching up Face Plant. I don't know how much fun I had though.

When I was headed up JW, I was waiting until a kid who was using the auto-belay got up to a certain point.

Patti: I think you'll be okay.

Me: Have you seen the way I climb all over (i.e. rainbow climbing) this route?

Patti: Yes, I belay for you. I've seen how you climb all over the route.
Ha, ha...

I headed up and managed not to collide with the kid.

As we were waiting for a 5.9 to clear for Patti, she said that she wished she had started climbing as a kid.

Me: I wish that I had learned to swim as a kid.

Me: I wish that I had taken Spanish classes more seriously...
As we were leaving, this pre-teen told me: I saw you rock climbing, you're good. That was so sweet of her to tell me.

Sometimes I forget about the kids up in the balcony area until I smell pizza or see balloons. I hope that the pre-teen will climb for many years to come at Upper Limits or at some other rock climbing joint.

Here's a father teaching his kid how to do a drop knee maneuver. If lil' shorty can do a drop knee, I should be able to do one too. Shouldn't I?


  1. Wow that sounds like a hardcore workout! Good job! :)

  2. Great workout, I like how you climb, that's what makes your blog unique. I can't wait to go rock climbing again...indoors. lol Maybe one day outside.

  3. @TJ,

    Thanks. ;)


    I said that I wouldn't go outdoors but you know what people advise: never say never...