Monday, April 27, 2009

Caloric Ramifications

Swimming absolutely wore me out today. I can barely hold my head up and I only swam a mere 14 laps. The water was very choppy because the lifeguard was body slamming the kiddos who were jumping all on his back.

Episode 10 of The Amazing Race, which aired on Sunday, had a detour where the contestants had to choose synchronized diving or a 400 meter swim. Jen almost completely unraveled and I was hoping that she would not be eliminated so deep in the race because of her lack of swimming skills. Tammy, who's on another team, also did a good job. She took swimming lessons before The Amazing Race started. I was the only adult who had to stick my face in the water and learn how to breathe, Tammy said.

Not Gonna Get It

I've seen quite a few recipes for black bean burgers and I finally decided to try one.

Black Bean Tostada Burgers

My burgers did not look like the ones in Shape magazine and they seemed a bit dry but they didn't taste bad. I didn't make the pico de gallo nor did I use corn tortillas or avocado. I had my own sides in mind.

The New York Times had an article on a fascinating twitterer who publishes 140 character recipes.

Take 1 Recipe, Mince, Reduce, Serve

Seeing that I'm hung up on nutrition facts, it would make me very nervous to make a recipe without knowing the caloric ramifications.

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