Monday, April 6, 2009

Conversations with Markia

It was good to be back at the pool since I last swam on Wednesday.

There were five of us today, lifeguard included. The water was calm but Markia was wearing me out. She wanted to swap goggles et al.

I'm sorry for interrupting your swimming.
Later on, she wanted to borrow soap.
I know that I'm getting on your nerves.
I assured her that she wasn't getting on my nerves but she needed to remember to bring her swimming paraphernalia since she even managed to forget her towel.
I'll bet you $10 that I'll bring my swimming stuff next time.
I tell her that betting is illegal for someone her age.
If I win, you have to teach me how to swim.
I let her know that Nick is best qualified for that job.

Where's your friend?
By lap 15, I was worn out by the water and Markia who also wanted to know what was the red round thing that I bring to the pool.

My final answer:
A lap counter.

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