Monday, April 13, 2009

The Gift of Mint

One of my friends at work noticed that I was drinking mint water. I don't really grow things and I once turned down a neighbor who wanted me to water her plants because I didn't want her to return to yellowed leaves or out-and-out lifeless plants.

Water becomes rather flat to me after drinking it for awhile and in order to drink more of it, I try to lively it up by adding mint or lemon juice. Water with mint (left in overnight) has a subtle flavor. The aroma is a big bonus and I feel treated with each sip.

I had been scoring my mint at Dierbergs. No more. Asmira was nice enough to plant some mint for me. It's amazing how small gestures and things make me happy. I was so freakin' touched. When Asmira handed me the mint, she said don't thank me. What? Of course, that's the first thing that I wanted to do. Then, I wanted to barter. Finally, I just enjoyed the moment. Asmira's gift made me all warm inside even though it was cool and damp out.


  1. I love mint in my water. Cucumber is good too and I often squeeze in lime juice. I hear ya, I get bored with plan water after a while. I need to spice it up a bit to keep drinking it.

  2. Thanks for the cucumber recommendation; I will try it soon -- anything to vary the H20.

  3. Hello Drea,

    In Brasil one of the most popular fruit juices is pineaple-mint. I don't like pinaple at all, not even the juice, but once you add a few mint leaves, it becomes the most refreshing juice!

  4. Hi Marcela,
    Mmmmmm, the combination of pineapple and mint sounds intriguing. I found an article called Fruit Juice Recipes From Brazil at which has a promising recipe. Thanks for stopping by...