Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Side Effect

I am so sleepy, a sometimes side effect of swimming. Of course, I wouldn't dream of going to sleep right now or I'd pay the price later.

The front crawler was back today as was Kate. I should start referring to the front crawler as the tireless crawler because she swam lap after lap. I don't think she stopped once. I, on the other hand, came up greedy for air during my front crawl efforts and I also rested after laps. As I rested, I watched the sun bounce off the water and the kiddos dive again and again to retrieve mock dive toys.

At one point, I did the back crawl at two miles per hour and I floated just to stop and smell the chlorine.

I like this G2 commercial but, then again, anything remotely related to swimming captures my attention these days. And, yes, I have used the backstroke as coping mechanism -- at least once.

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