Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Au Revoir Blue Pants

My Aunt Al recently asked me how much weight I had lost. A smile spread across my face because her question coincided with my 50 pound milestone.
You're going to have to get a new wardrobe.
I made a sound similar to a guffaw. My aunt was wonderfully optimistic to think that I could wear the same clothes.

If I had known then (May 2007) what I know now, I would have done a few things differently while embarking on this weight loss journey.

I have a ring that my Aunt Al gave me. I had it resized (pre-journey) since it was too small. Of course, the ring is now too big. I treated myself to a Silpada ring and the moment I purchased the ring, I realized it was an unwise choice.

When I bought this pair of pants, I could not wear them.

Then, I skipped completely over this size. Au revoir blue pants.

I did make one savvy purchase at the ScholarShop. I saw black C. J. Banks pants, practically new, with a $3.00 price tag but, wait, it was half off day and I was able to take the Banks home for $1.50. Those pants are now saggy but they made perfect transition pants.

These polka dot shirts amuse me. I like the playful pattern and I've been able to find them on sale at the end of summer. All of these shirts are different sizes.

Outerwear, underwear, spectacles, shoes and swimming suits are among the ill-fitting items that I possess.

When I mentioned to my counselor friend that my sunglasses no longer hug my face, she said:

That's proof that you cannot have everything.
I wonder if she talks to her clients in this way. Hunh, and she claims to dislike Dr. Phil's approach.


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