Thursday, April 9, 2009

Graceful Exit on the Biggest Loser

Week 14 captures the contestants as they are spilling out of the elimination room. Ron is peeved that he received three votes from Helen, Filipe and Sione. The votes really stung since he received them instead of Nicole, a virtual outsider voted out early in the game but who earned her way back onto the ranch. To be honest, Ron has become rather pompous.

For the ones who voted for me, may you get struck down and die.
Ouch. Ron has become known as The Godfather and The Biggest Loser producers played this theme up nicely.

Tara even issued a warning:

Be careful or you might find a horse head in your bed.
This week's temptation was rather cruel. There were 100 covered trays and a golden ticket was underneath one. There were a few healthy choices and money under the trays but, by and large, the trays housed caloric bombs. Tara ended up eating 4,328 calories. Helen had me cracking up. I got carried away, she said.

When the trainers saw the carnage, they were beside themselves, especially Jillian who felt that the gym had been desecrated. She told Tara that she had literally eaten a pound.

In the end, Laura (Tara's teammate) found the yellow ticket so Tara was safe as long as Laura did not fall below the yellow line.

Bob rightly told Sione you wanted the power so you lost control.

The trainers were so furious that, in the words of Jillian, we literally handed them off and took turns beating the crap out of them. The beating strategy worked because Helen vowed:

I'll never eat another cupcake as long as I live.
This week's challenge took place in the Rose Bowl Stadium. The contestants had to climb 2,156 stairs and the top two finishers got to do it all over again. The top two ended up being Sione and Tara again. And Tara won again. It was a heart wrenching moment when Sione started to feel like his best was not good enough.

After Laura found out that she had lost eight pounds, she was practically laughing and crying because her good news was bad for Sione and Helen who fell below the yellow line. Suddenly, the golden ticket was not so desirable.

Before the vote, cousins Sione and Filipe had a very touching exchange and ritual. When Sione was voted off, his exit was very graceful; he intends to share his knowledge with his family and his Tongan community which has a high rate of obesity.

Check out the contestants who went wild hunting for the golden ticket.

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