Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Water Is Just Fine On The Biggest Loser

Oh, I'm a threat. I'm a victim. Everyone comes after me. Who Cares? Embrace it. Welcome to the world of being successful. Jump right in; the water is just fine.
The above was Jillian's righteous rant to Tara who was weeping because her partner had been voted off. Jillian told Tara not to be selfish since Laura had a hip fracture and it wasn't safe for her to continue exercising.

The Biggest Loser trainers were in full pep talk mode. Bob told Kristin You're going to have to want it and not be afraid of it anymore because you deserve this...

The first challenge of week 16 was a game show contest in which the contestants had to guess how many calories were in certain foods.

One pizza looked like it was personal-size but actually had eight servings. In another segment,the contestants were asked to pick the least fattening of several options. Surprise, surprise.

Ground Turkey Breast, 1% Fat
Ground Turkey, 7%
Extra Lean Ground Beef, 7%
Ground Veal, 8%
Ground Chicken, 11%
I would have never have guessed that ground chicken had the most fat. Evidently, the skin is also ground in.

Mike won the challenge because he guessed that a fried filet of fish with tartar sauce and buns etc. was 635 calories. He came within five calories of the exact count.

Bob had his team keep a video diary of what they consumed because he was appalled by their food knowledge. He was even more shocked when he saw the video since his team associated low calories with weight loss and one member assumed that olive oil was synonymous with almost zero calories.

Tara, who's on a roll, won another challenge but she opted for $10,000 dollars instead of a one pound advantage at the weigh-in. In the past, contestants have chosen the pound but, as Jillian said, Ultimately, Tara's betting on herself. The bet paid off and it was Helen and Kristin who fell below the yellow line. Kristen has fallen below the yellow line so many times and I truly feel her pain because she was going at it in the gym and it makes you wonder what needed tweaking in her wellness program.

Kristin wanted to speak to Ron to assure that she could count on him. She also wanted Ron to lobby Mike, his son, but Ron told his son to vote for Kristin. Ron's true gangster side emerged but Kristin was not fooled. She called it accurately when she said that Ron and Mike thought that Mike had the contest in the bag and that he would emerge as The Biggest Loser. When the host, Allison, asked Mike if that was true, he nodded and smiled. Oh, don't they know that pride cometh before a fall?

Here's the gangster in action:

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