Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Final Four On The Biggest Loser

Time and time again, I've gathered myself and come out on top; I finally believe. That's what Tara said after she won the Carry That Weight All Over Again contest in which The Biggest Loser contestants had to carry the weight that they had lost across 16 sand dunes which represented their 16 weeks on campus. Weight was dropped at sand dunes according to what the contestant lost in week one etc. Once the weight was discarded, the contestants symbolically threw their baggage over a cliff.

Tara was lagging behind Mike and Filipe and when she caught up with Filipe who graciously said You can do it and she went on to overtake Mike and reach the finish line first.

The contestants also checked in with Dr. Huzenga who told Ron that when he first saw him, he didn't know whether to take him to get an MRI or to the ER.

This week was also train the trainer week. I was impressed that Jillian kept a steady pace on the treadmill while retro running. When it was time for the last chance workout, the trainers got revenge. Jillian told Tara, I'm going to desensitize you, an interesting thing to say during a training session. Jillian also told Tara, during push-ups, to kiss the ground, back up. I suppose that kissing the ground would make you exert more effort...

And, now, it's down to the final four. Which one of the super losers shall emerge as The Biggest Loser of all?

When Mike, who has lost 164 lbs, saw old pictures of himself, he said that it brought back feelings of being confined, overweight and out of place.

As Filipe said in during the weigh-in, they're all winners because they have gotten their lives back.

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