Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Six Secrets

I took this picture while waiting for Madame Lifeguard to ascend the throne.

There are quite a few kids taking swimming lessons and the lifeguards are trying to teach pool etiquette and safety too. Accordingly, I waited along with the kids until Madame L took the chair. Of course, the wait was not purely a safety drill.

For a pre-workout snack, I had this Sport Vit bar which
I've been saving (long story which includes saving movies and books too) for a long time. In fact, it expired in December. While I don't know how many calories it contains, I don't think the damage was significant since it's very malty with a thin layer of chocolate and it's supposed to be chock full of vitamins.

Vitamins A, D, E, & C, 40%
Thiamine, 40%
Riboflavin, 40%

I'm not quite sure about the rest of the genetic makeup since most of the writing is in German, I believe. Luckily, I can't decipher this website Migros, Home of Sport Vit or I might order more Sport Vit and I can't begin to tell you how much money I've spent on shipping and handling charges...

I've been stuck on 20 laps and my goal was to swim 21 today, which I did. Speaking of stuck, I'm in a weight loss rut.

I picked up the Feb. 2009 edition of Consumer Reports at the library because I was drawn to the Rebuild Your Nest Egg cover only to discover another good article called Dieting On A Budget. CR's six secrets of the slim:

  • Watch portions

  • Limit fat

  • Eat fruits and vegetables

  • Choose whole grains over refined

  • Eat at home

  • Exercise, exercise, exercise

  • There was also a section called Don't Get Discouraged. Thanks CR, your edict was right on time.

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