Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Threading Show

If you think that personal trainers bring the pain, you probably have not seen an eyebrow threader at work.

I was walking around South County Mall and saw Eye Brows, a new store. I grabbed a flyer which promoted the ancient eastern art of hair removal. According to Eye Brows, here are some of the benefits of threading:

  • It is less painful and more effective than waxing or tweezing

  • Can pull out specific individual hairs

  • Does not peel off a layer of skin

  • You don't get ingrown hairs

  • While I didn't get my eyebrows done, I did get a henna tattoo which turned out rather light
    but my $5 dollars was worth the show. The threader had one end of thread in her mouth and the other end looped around various fingers. She resembled a chicken pecking for feed. Each time someone got out of the threader's chair, her sentence started off with the reason that it hurt...Well, the flyer did not say that it would be painless.

    I used to work with this girl who got her eyebrows threaded and her threader refused to work on western women. I sense that she felt western women could not handle the pain.

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