Saturday, May 30, 2009

90 Calories

I kept seeing Weight Watchers' products in the store and decided, awhile back, to try one of the products to satisfy my sweet tooth. I figured if lots of people lose weight by joining Weight Watchers, the sweets couldn't be caloric bombs. I know one shouldn't assume anything or just blindly trust a recognizable product.

Well, I bought the Weight Watchers' version of Twinkies and some WW lemon cakes. I knew that the lemon cakes weighed in at 90 calories per cake. Imagine my surprise when I actually held one of the cakes in my hand and that, my friends, was a defining moment.

The lemon and golden sponge (i.e. kinda Twinkie) cakes are so small. I don't know what I thought 90 calories looked like but the cakes certainly put things in perspective for me. From that moment on, I paid considerable attention to serving sizes.

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