Saturday, May 16, 2009

SO Delicious

I went to Trader Joe's to get some staples and I got everything that I wanted except for shallots. I headed to Dierbergs, the closest store around.

On the way to the shallots, I checked out the frozen section to see if they might have Skinny Cows on sale which they didn't. While I was checking out the Skinny Cows, I saw So Delicious and the banana split, made with coconut milk and agave, was calling my name.

All Natural SO Delicious Banana Split

But, wait, the So Delicious was $6.26 for an eight count and I had just fortified my cache of Mini Chocolate Tofu Sandwiches at Trader Joe's for $2.69, also an eight count.

Even though I was eager to try the banana split flavor, I left the SO Delicious at Dierbergs -- not an easy feat when your name is being called.

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