Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just One More Pound

Two years ago today, I headed to Newark, NJ on flight 2642 via Charlotte. I flew over 1,000 miles to reach my destination and I had no idea that I would embark on another journey.

'Drea Minus Fifty

I don’t know how many miles I’ve logged in the gym or in the pool but I have lost 52 pounds in two years, a modest number compared to the weight loss of some.

My slow weight loss can probably be attributed to my jones for carbs and sweets in addition to eating deep into the evening. I'm satisfied, though, that I've been able to keep off the bulk of the weight that I've shed.

My Aunt Alice asked me how much weight I plan to lose. I try not to think about weight loss in big numbers but I would be pleased if I could knock off another 15 pounds or so. For now, though, I'd be content to lose just one more pound.


  1. Wow Drea,

    It was 2 year ago, huh? Time really flies! I am going to DanceAfrica at BAM (Bklyn Academy of Music) this weekend just like we did in '07. Remember the bazaar? Let me know if you have a "jones" for anything you remember from the many vendors. Real proud of ya. Miss ya' much! When ya coming back to the northeast? It is afterall your new birthplace of sorts.


  2. Hey Martene, I miss you too, girl. Yeah, I can't believe how time flies; we're about to roll up on June already. As JB would say, "Good God." I think Jordan is going to be shocked when I show up before the seven year mark but I'm going to make it your way before then. Remember these earrings? http://twitpic.com/5lm8y

    I got them from the bazaar and they are in heavy rotation during the spring and summer. I can't think of anything right now but I'll give you a call if I think of something that I want. Enjoy DanceAfrica for both of us. I definitely wish I were there.