Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Was It Almond Butter?

I usually go straight to the fitness club or pool after work. Otherwise, I have time to relax and, possibly, forgo exercise.

Today, I decided to workout around an NBA playoff game. I've found that I can stay on a cardio machine for a very long time if a game is in front of me. I watched the first half of the Cavaliers/Hawks game which was pretty good but the Hawks have to play almost perfect to hang with the Cavs and it didn't happen.

I like the Lebron James MVP t-shirt. And did I hear that the Lakers lost the first game of the series to the Rockets? Whattttttttt?

I logged 85 minutes watching the first half of the game and a smidgen of TNT's half-time show. I wanted to stay longer but my thigh is already smarting from my other unofficial 'Dreathon on Saturday.

I finished off my peanut butter that came from Whole Foods. In the meantime, I decided to go back to my Algood p'butter and it didn't taste very well this time around. In fact, it tasted how I imagine Crisco would taste if you ate it straight out of the can. I can't believe that my taste buds changed so fast. I picked up some 365 Organic Peanut Butter and it's not what was in the Whole Foods container; the texture is completely different.

Hmmmm, just what did my benefactor give me? Was it almond butter? The 365 peanut butter was quite satisfying and I absolutely love the hint of sea salt but, now, I need to go on a quest to find out just what I was eating.

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