Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back-Up Pool

Just as I was gathering my swimwear, I found out that my regular pool was having some pump situation taken care of. I pulled out my unofficial directory of pools and started making some calls.

I hauled it to the North side in record time and was able to swim for about 35 minutes before open swim ended. I haven't been to the Wohl Center in ages and was surprised to see quite a few kids taking lessons. I stopped to chit chat with the lifeguard who told me that it felt like a sauna. I forget that it's warmer for the lifeguards while they're perched on those chairs. I headed to the deep end since the divider was in place. I should get a sticker for bravery since the deep end at Wohl is ten feet and the lifeguard was not close to me.

When I stuck my face in the water, all I could feel was heat. It was like a sauna instead of a pool but I got to experience different temperatures when I swam by the pipe disbursing water. I literally went from one temperature extreme to the other.

The water was so warm that it looks all foggy in this pic. I love the block glass windows at Wohl.

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