Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Calm Before The Storm

Didn't know if I would be able to go swimming today since the sky looked menacing, ominous or whatever adjective is used to describe an impending storm and possible tornado.

I was so happy that the weather broke. I headed off to The Wreck Center hoping that the weather would remain calm.

When I got to the pool, there was no sign of the lifeguard but the security guard said that the pool was open.

There was only the front crawler and myself. It was so quiet that I felt as if I was doing yoga. Then, the sun came back out. Things could not have gone any better -- especially since I did not get to exercise yesterday. I went to my aunt's graduation instead. She has been plodding away at classes the way that I have been plodding away at the gym. Her three hour graduation trumps exercise since it was more exhausting.

After I left work yesterday, I had one of my almost ready-to-eat meals: green beans, Trader Joe's marinated chicken and Alexia Olive Oil and Sea Salt oven fries.

It's a good thing that I had my own food because my Aunt Girt orchestrated an impromptu party. When it comes to food, my aunt does not play. She brought her favorite Sam's pizza, tuna sandwiches, a foot long sub sandwich, watermelon, cantaloupe, chips etc.

It was a post-graduation feast and I was so glad that I had eaten before the graduation because I would have experienced untold guilt eating so late and so decadently. I did have some watermelon and it was worthy of an Al Green moan.

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