Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mo'Nique And Precious

Saw Mo'Nique on Oprah last week. It was a memorable show for a couple of reasons. I'm hardly ever home early enough to see Oprah and I enjoyed the comedians who were featured. George Lopez and Dane Cook were on the show as well.

Mo'Nique, a plus-sized woman who exudes confidence, talked about how her husband gently brought up the topic of weight. He told her that 262 was too much. Mo'Nique says that she almost immediately started working out.

The comedienne also stars in Precious, a film based on the novel by Sapphire. More than 10 years after reading Push, the book still resonates with me. The main character faces many issues but at the forefront of my mind is the size of Precious:

But I'm big, five feet nine-ten, I weigh over two hundred pounds. Kids is scared of me.
And I've always remembered the part of about the arms:
If Precious was fat, there was no word to describe her mother, who took up half the couch, whose arms seemed like huge animals.
The passage in which Precious compares herself to a vampire and talks about how, in many respects, she doesn't exist in the larger picture is also memorable.

Sapphire is also known for Wild Thing, a controversial poem about the rape of the woman who became known as The Central Park Jogger.

Central Park Jogger Still Running 20 Years Later

I can't wait to see Precious and I hear that Mo'Nique really represents in the film.

The Queen of Comedy

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