Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lightning and Thunder

I was planning on going to The Wreck Center to swim but didn't because the pool was closed due to the chlorine level. I took a look at the Mehlville Pool brochure but afternoon open swim wasn't on tap until Thursday. So, I decided to pack my gym bag and head to the faraway Wohl Center.

As I'm driving toward Wohl, I see lightning and the zigzag pattern continues to divide the sky. I detour and head home because I know that there will be no swimming with the lightning and thunder.

A funnel cloud is spotted at I-255 and Telegraph and there are storm warnings all over the place.

I miss the pool when I don't go. It's been only four days since I last swam but it seems like forever.

I decided to nix the gym too since I've been exercising for 11 straight days.

I had to live vicariously through my aquatic frog whose breastroke kick is superb. Well, he's not kicking it in this pic; you'll just have to take my word for it.

And, of course, lightning and thunder reminds me of Bob Marley's Revolution.

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