Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back At Kennedy Rec Complex

I went back to the Kennedy Recreation Complex. I guess I kinda like the joint.

I did about eight laps before I took a break. Then, I went and leisurely swam around in the deep end since I felt like I was being chased in the lap lane at times. I also noticed that the deepest part of the pool is 13 feet deep and not 10 as I thought.

I went back to do a couple of more laps then went to the general area again.

After swimming, I went to a bicycle shop. I haven't had a bicycle in a very long time and I'm a little bit surprised by the hefty price tags and all of the different kinds of bikes. I saw a light green Raleigh hybrid that really looked nice but I'm not willing to cough up $400 plus dollars for a bicycle that I may not ride often.

I saw bikes that were more than $2,000 dollars. Just what type of material went into them?

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