Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Capital F

I was over at my grandmother's on Sunday and my grandmother was in a foul mood with a capital F. She talked for two hours non-stop which got me to wondering how many calories does one burn while talking. I can't really go into what g'ma said because it's really not suitable for print.

According to The Daily Plate, one can burn about 121 calories per hour talking. So, grandma burned about 242 calories.

Any activity that can be done while sitting will expend slightly more energy than if you do it while reclining. For instance, talking on the phone while sitting will increase the body's energy requirements by 1 MET (a multiple of the body's resting metabolism). You can expend even more energy by adding simple activities using your arms or legs.

In addition to burning calories, I hope that g'ma was also able to find relief via venting.

So, what's a grandchild to do while she's listening to her g'ma vent? She peruses g'ma's latest Jet which had Mo'Nique and her husband on the front cover. Now, I didn't ignore g'ma. Even the most fit take a break and g'ma did pause to reload.

I figured that the article would talk about Mo'Nique's role in the movie Precious as well as her recent weight loss since I had already gleaned this information from an Oprah episode. What I didn't know was that Mo'Nique and her husband have an open relationship. If you want the details, go straight to page 39 in the June 8th edition of Jet.

I raised an eyebrow but I also laughed. Check out what Mo'Nique had to say about her recent weight loss:

I am not at all trying to be a skinny woman. I could never be that because
my head is too big. I can't do it. Right now I'm 224 lbs. I'm trying to to get
down to an even 200 pounds. By American standards that is still considered
obese. But for me, that's a healthy Mo'Nique.

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